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Daryl McCuiston

Wow, you completely nailed it. Your descriptions of the bubble were totally free of hyperbole and today's reality is, well... real. It makes part of me miss those days but a larger part just glad I made it out alive. Thanks for the thoughts and the reality check.


Finally! Someone speaks some sense. I swear, if I hear one more person tell me the economy has turned and we are in a tech bubble again I'm going to hard-wire them to a car battery. Yes the ecomony has turned a little and we are starting to see the tech job market come back to life but until I can go back to walking around the office in bunny slippers and challenging my cube mates to a Nerf battle to the death involving the resident VP I will not believe a 'bubble' had formed.

Actually, thinking about it, I'm not sure that environment will ever return. Too many bridges were burned with VC's and such for money to flow like water once again.

Those wer the good ole days...

Mike Downey

Great post, Christian. I think what we're seeing now is the result of all of the lesson's learned during the bubble of the late 90's. There were a lot of great ideas that were mismanaged during the bubble, now those same ideas are resurfacing in better ways that actually generate revenue. I also think executives and investors have more patience these days.

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