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"so the lid of your MacBook doesn't melt or warp"

wow. and you put up with this???

Christian Cantrell

I made that comment partially in jest. The old PowerBooks were prone to warping. I haven't heard of the MacBooks or MacBook Pros warping, so I think the problem has been fixed.

But that's one of the reasons I prefer the MacBook to the Pro. Among many other improvements, it runs cooler.



I am thinking of getting a 23 or 30 inch apple diplay for use with my mac book pro. I dont really know how it will work, will i be able to plug a keyboard and mouse into the diplay's usb ports? i would prefer to keep my laptop closed while i work. Thanks


WOW... You may say us folks with Parallel wouldn't be so hot on the Synergy program... but WOW... I have a MacBook I use at the office and I have a WinBox POS (Point of sale) with touch screen etc. that I have to use to talk to the clients with and having two keyboards, two mice, the MacBook's Keyboard/trackpad and another Monitor monitering the other computer on the desk, things get cluttered real fast, not to mention I sometimes type on the wrong Keyboard.

Now I have one Keyboard, One Mouse, running both comptuers, and an A/B switch for the other monitor with my MacBook closed, with a laptop fan under it and everything is great.

Your help with configuring the MacBook and Synergy's help with the keyboard/mouse makes for a nice desk arrangement.



I'm thinking about getting an external display for my Macbook. I currently use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard with my Macook. If I hook it up to the external dsplay, will I still be able to use them with the macbook closed? I'm pretty sure I can, as I can wake it up by clicking my mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. Can someone confirm this?


Of course, you can enable allowing << Bluetooth devices to wake this computer >> in Keyboard and Mouse preferences, then close the lid. It only works with the power adaptor plugged in though, and I'd really turn this option off if you carry your mac in your bag, and only turn it on when needed. If you email me, i'll see if i can give you a hand to write an AppleScript to change this setting by clicking a button... but it always worked for me :)


Can anybody help me with this setup? I'm using a PC running XP as my main computer, hooked up to a 22" viewsonic with DVI. I'd like to connect my MacBook to the VGA-input of the screen, but i won't get full resolution (1680 x 1050) because when my PC is on the screen will revert to that input and the Mac fails to recognize any screen (defaults to 800 x 600). Is the only solution to get a DVI splitter? Also, isn't there any way to select custom resolutions on this Mac (I've had it hooked up to the 22" with DVI and that worked like a charm...)

Andy Morton

Any suggestions for using my 17" MB Pro with a 30" Apple Ext Monitor and having the dock and the menu bar on the 30"? Surfing Safari on the 30" and having to go over to the laptop to use the menubar is lame



Andy: That's easy, just go into the display settings and drag the menu bar (represented by a white line) to the screen of your preference.

Trevor Smith

You write:

"3. When your laptop is open, you can't switch to using the full resolution of an external monitor. I have no idea why, but it's a "

I have never seen this behaviour either with my old PowerBook G4 nor with my new MacBook (Core2Duo). I have an older polycarbonate 23" Apple cinema display. When I have my laptop open and plug in the monitor to it, the 23" display runs in 1920x1200 and the laptop monitor remains in its native mode. Every time.

I can choose to manually switch to "mirror" the displays so they are both the same resolution if I want.

I believe I have also used my PowerBook with external projection monitors and had them run in separate (native) resolutions too. Maybe I misunderstood your claim.

You also write:

"4. If you close your laptop, you can actually get the full resolution of your external display. Put your MacBook to sleep, connect your external display and an external monitor, and wake the computer up by pressing any key. You will have full use of your external display while your laptop is closed."

Here, I'm sure you're using an external keyboard (as am I) to wake up your MacBook, since it's hard to get at the built-in keyboard with the lid closed. :-) Just in case anyone was confused.

Tim Belmore

I am a new MacBook user. Can you tell just what cables I need to connect a 20-inch wide screen (I'm looking at the View Sonic VX2025) external monitor? I am a bit confused by the DVI/VGA discusssion. Thanks

Anna Ellis

Alright, well, i just got a macbook pro...so im new to mac. When i hook up my 19 inch dell monitor to my macbook it just shows the background picture on my mac? Someone should help me? : )


Anne, this confused me at first as well. It's working in "extended" mode, so all you have to do is drag windows to one side or the other (I think to the right by default) to get stuff over there.

Chris hale

I Just bought my mini DVI connector for my Macbook and I am trying to hook up my Macbook to my Samsung HD LCD TV. I can't get the whole desktop to appear on my Samsung? The dock can barely be seen and I can barely see the taskbar at the top? The resloution also isnt that great. Any ideas?


I want to have a movie playing in full screen on my external monitor while working on my laptop's built in monitor. Is this possible? I've seen it done with Windows computers


movies on external monitor vs working on built-in:

yes, but the setup is usually done by the player application.

VLC: just choose your screen from the video device submenu under the "Video" menu. Then change to full screen mode.

Quicktime: choose "Present Video" from the "View Menu". You will get a choice on which screen you like to present the video.

DVD player: am afraid doesn't really work but move the DVD player window to the screen of your choice and change to fullscreen. however, you will notice when you use another application on the built-in the DVD player will switch to window mode. i think apple should fix this in the app. otherwise it is good enough to at least monitor some app on your built-in..

Ilpo Karkkainen

Does anyone know if it's possible to use two external displays with a Macbook? I have have two 19" screens at my studio that are being used with the old G4. I would like to be able to hook up my new Macbook as well. Thanks in advance.


I tried today but i didnt work.. Is it not possible to work with a 23" external display and NOT have my macbook pro connected to a powersuply. My MBP kept on going to sleep when i closed the lid..

help.. please.. (-:



Connect the external screen, close the lid, and it will go sleep, Then take a USB device (USB KEY / USB Mouse) plug it in and it will wake up , and show the primary screen at the external. you can even open the lid again and use the keys without the screen-onboard turning on.

It will allways need the PSU, for viewing external.

Jonas Tegenfeldt

I have a peculiar problem:

When trying to move a file or a folder from within a folder to the desktop on the external monitor, the file or folder instead winds up on the LCD monitor of the laptop (MacBook Pro 2.2).

Simply moving something from one desktop to the other is OK. Also, moving something from a folder to the desktop on the LCD monitor works fine. The problem occurs when I try to move something from within a folder to the desktop of the external monitor.

I have tried two different monitors and the problem persists.

I did not have this problem previously, using a range of different Apple laptops and external monitors.

Is this a hardware problem or can it be fixed through a future OS update or patch?

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