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Kevin Hoyt

Completely unrelated, but I use mirrors as whiteboards all the time with my two-year-old and she loves it. I can set her in front of a mirror, break out some markers and draw cartoon faces (a lion, clown, what have you) around her own. Giggles galore! Who'da thunk it'd work for technology too!

Chris Davis

ha ha, i thought i was the only person who did that!

i never would have made it through college without using that damn mirror on the back of my door as a whiteboard.

ha, i also used to use the metal doors of my closet as whiteboard space too for planning programming, etc.


Thats a great idea. One of the things I miss about having my old crt monitors was using dry erase to mark up designs on the glass. It worked great for discussions and was quickly cleaned when we were done.

My lcd's dont like the dry erase much. Well I assume the dont, cant say I have drawn on them yet, but I think without the glass cover it would be bad news.


This reminded me of another unorthodox whiteboard, discovered by Ben Simon... car windows!

Only after finding that post again, and coming back here to write this comment, did I notice whose blog this is! Somehow I was not surprised at all that these two whiteboard hacks were posted by two of my former team leads. :)

Now I feel like I should make you guys proud and post a creative whiteboard hack to my blog. I'll see what I can do later this week.

Christian Cantrell

Ben and I are counting on you, Dave. Do us proud!



I have used glass sliding doors for quick family brainstorming. Easy to clean afterwards.


sveet!i was wondering how to do something cool for a room decoration and i looked it up in google.com and look what i found!lmao.i am going to try this for my new room.!!!!My rooms going to be the cooliest of them all now !witha mirror /white board

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