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Andy Scheurer


I think you bring up an interesting point: "...I really hope this was a sales tactic employed by this salesperson alone, and not something he was instructed to say during sales training."

While I don't know Verizon's initiative to train their sales people, my guess would be that sales training for this product was nearly non-existent. Maybe some eLearning module he had to check off an LMS, if he's lucky?

I think part of the problem with Verizon is that there is such a variety of "Verizon" stores - some owned by seemingly unrelated telecom companies and some seemingly owned by Verizon. Until Verizon standardizes training for product launches and actually creates meaningful adult learning for the DIVERSE crowd they have selling these phones... I think you'll continue to see misinformation shared like this.

AT&T is really no better... in fact... I haven't been in a wireless provider's store where the service has blown me away. Simply put: not enough money is spent on designing a superior customer experience by these companies. I think the first that does really commit to this paradigm - either through a massive training effort, choices provided to customers, or other innovative means - will be EXTREMELY successful.

Charles Hanson

I just read an ARS article about Verizon's new early termination fee. Their reasoning is; if you don't want to pay an ETF, just pay full retail for the phone. (apparently it only applies to 'advanced phones') Well ok. But what's funny is that reasoning makes AT&T look even worse with the iPhone. AT&T charges an ETF for cancelling an iPhone contract, but you still paid $300 for the device. Does that mean the iPhone is actually even MORE expensive and AT&T is subsidizing it? The iPod touches aren't over $300, and they're only missing a GSM transmitter and a junky camera. Based on Verizon's logic, the iPhone should only be about $125 with a 2 year contract.

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