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The analysis is correct and interesting: web is becoming social (maybe is what we used to call times ago 2.0 but only now become true), ppl start feeling home on the net. (see the number of the access during the holidays when internet is used only for personal tasks ... facebook got over google).

On the other hand we have the downside, web is quickly becoming the perfect place for wasting time, today is much easy to find out random stupid things (games, jokes, etc) to do. A marked line start dividing internetenians, does who use internet for taking personal advance, and those who let internet use themself.


Will Google be the next utility? Why not? Apple wasn’t a phone company 6 years ago. I read an interesting blog about how companies that focus on their core only end up in declined growth over time.



I have no use for Social networking. It just clutters my time. I tried FB for nearly a year (on pressure from my offspring). True, I connected with some people I hadn't talked to for a while, but wading through all the fluff, games, innane conversation (even after I filtered and filtered) was aggravating and I closed (really closed--deleted) my account. The people I really care about I stay in touch with through email.

Comments on writer forums have suggested a FB business page is a good thing, but I'm reluctant.

I do a lot of research and I get good results with Google. It's the way you phrase your search that makes Google most efficient.


For an example of buying and selling through your social networks, check out yardsellr.com and mertado.com. Their recent growth is proof they're on to something.

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