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Interesting info, as usual.
Thanks, Chris.


Well, we in love with the same entity. I haven't experienced some of the problems noted above but that is perhaps because I have T-Mobile data with unlimited data. I find that I keep it playing music all day even when I am not using other functions. I have previously used Windows Mobile operating systems for my phone and in comparison, setting up this device was great fun and really close to seamless. One thing that Pogue mentions that is not highlighted is the Swype keyboard. That input method is so easy, fast, and amazingly accurate that I can no longer tolerate tapping my input. I have am waiting for an app for voice command and voice to text input like Dragon. All the options I tried are completely innacurate on voice dialing contacts. One worked well for opening applications though. I to have had this device in my purse every moment, every place I go since purchasing it (a real asset for those who always carry relatively small bags with them). Although I pay alot for the dataplan, I found the T-Mobile staff to be incredibly accomodating and to make sure I left the store with a fully functional product. They even installed the screen protector much better than I have ever accomplished. If there will be better choices in 18 months, that's okay. My data contract will be just about up by then.

Sindre Sandvik

My biggest pet peeve at the moment (I just got mine) is that the browser defaults to mobile websites where applicable. I have as yet not found a way to disable this.

At at the price I paid it is good value for money, about 200USD on a contract (with voice call enabled) I would have no problem recommending it. But at 600USD I would def. look elsewhere.

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