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Richard Leggett

It's strange to think that although the current version of the Revue is designed to work in the U.S., because of the networks blocking content I'm having a much better Google TV experience in the UK where I can access all major channel's Flash-based free VOD, 1080p plays back perfectly. I can only hope they work something out because unless it works in the U.S. it's doomed elsewhere.

I totally agree the browser scrolls jerkily enough that it kind of lets down the whole experience. You end up using Page Up/Down to speed things up. It's possible this can be fixed in a software update given the specs compared with an Android 2.2 phone which smooth scrolls (given, at half the resolution).

This applies mainly to existing sites designed for desktop, however with the lean-back experiences (some of which linked to in the ShowCase app) things improve dramatically, these sites that are designed to work with simple navigation, Blinkbox, Clicker and so on, hopefully more and more sites will adopt this soon as it removes the frustration and gets out of the way of the content.

The biggest thing it has going for it is the ability to just hit search without switching to another AV source, turning on a computer and so on, it's really great for quickly watching videos or looking up/organising stuff/looking at where to go out with friends, and definitely changes the way we do this at home (previously using a tablet or laptop).

Ji Lucas

Thank you for sharing! I hope that it will be better in future soon.

Ben Simon

Thanks for the info Christian - glad I've got you to serve as a guinea pig for these sort of things.

I actually tried to convince Shira to cancel Comcast and just do the Hulu and Netflix thing. Most of the TV we were watching was off the laptop anyway, so why bother paying the absurd cable bill?

The result: we've since dropped Comcast and now have Fios, with more channels than my brain is capable of processing.

That'll teach me not to wade in on the TV setup in our house - that's firmly out of my list of decisions I have control over. I should accept this and just watch TV.

Scott Janousek

Nice commentary.


I believe if the Revue is an early protype, then who ever owns a box, when the REAL one comes out should be able to upgrade with a much cheaper cost, but that wont happen, they are in business to make money. Great sugguestion though


Hooked everything up and started on screen setup. One of the first steps is to maximize the size of the viewing area, expanded to fill the screen as directed and completed setup. Booting up is SLOW...over 5 minutes! I then activated the internet and found that videos requiring a player will not work on this system. This was my reason for buying, to watch flash videos from a membership site on our home gym tv.

TV does not work inside of the system so I changed the input back to "tv." (This may be an issue with my TV model) Now the size of my viewing area for my tv has SHRUNK! Let me be clear...Revue setup directed me to ENLARGE viewing area inside of their setup. Now the area has SHRUNK when switched back to tv mode.

This morning I called "support" about the issue. Rude Andrew told me that the Revue system had nothing to do with my tv screen resolution/size. I rebutted: YOUR setup system required that I make adjustments to the viewing area THROUGH your device. When I switch OFF of your system (and when I disconnect it entirely) the viewing area on my original system has shrunk and it has nothing to do with your system? Using the tv remote I ran through the tv's screen modes, none of them fill the screen now.

I then asked Andrew how to reset through the Revue. He says there is no way, agian arguing that Revue has nothing to do with it. Critical thinking engaged here? Obviously not. I ask for a supervisor and am told there is none. I ask for number to corporate and am told that he has no idea. Really?

I look up corporate on the internet and ask for escalation (which Andrew SHOULD have engaged for me). No one knows how to fix the problems that their system caused. I was offered a refund, but waht about returning my tv to it's original state?

RUN FROM THIS PRODUCT! It was released far too early and "support" is ill-trained. Escalation noted that there are many problems and they just don't know how to fix them. Be aware, any site that has videos that need a "player" on your computer WILL NOT WORK! It seems that "apps" are coming in a few months, but no one knows if a "player" will be included.

So, who will pay a technician to come out and try to reset my tv screen viewing area?


Sorry to hear what happened to you Susan. I was one of the test subjects for the Revue and fortunately for me my screen size was not affected. I do work for DISH Network which is how I got one early. If you are a DISH Network subscriber and purchased the Logitech through us, we do have tech support offered.

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