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I've been tempted to set this up with Autohotkey for a while, but just haven't bothered yet. Of course, sadly, autohotkey is windows-only.

Mr. K

Hi Christian

I'm looking to implement a similar feature for a web app I'm building.

Have you made any more progress or have any recommendations how I would implement this so it would work for my users and my custom player?

Would this be easier if I was running this completely custom just for 1 web app and running my own node server on ec2?

Thanks again for the work and open sourcing this!

Christian Cantrell

Running node on an instance of EC2 is definitely a good start, but you still have to have a method of capturing keystrokes which means running a local native application. Have you figured that part out yet?


I'd like to control Pandora on my Dev box from my iPhone. I do that with iTunes and Remote when I'm on my server in the room next door, for example. A small app for the phone would do the job. I may give it a go.

gavin hurley

Nice one. The Chrome extension seems to have a problem installing these days. Think it may just need some changes to the manifest to update it to version 2. Going to take a look.


If you want to try a version with Chrome extensions and apps only


This work is base on yours.

Thanks for your source files Christian Cantrell

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