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James Stacey

Great post, Christian!

Loved the photos and agree that for spaceflight and supersonic travel, we have taken a step back.

Also, even after all this time, nothing man-made looks as cool as an SR-71.


Tom L.

I feel exactly the same way. As I was driving my daughter home from an appointment, we made a point of stopping on the side of road and waiting for the shuttle to fly overhead. She thought it was pretty cool, and I got to explain how this is the last "flight" the shuttle will take, and just how much the U.S. space program has help define my own sights on achieving what seems impossible.

While my kids will have a field trip to Udvar Hazy, they generally won't have any driving force to help them see what's possible, and I love the idea of taking them once just for this purpose.

Theodore R. Smith

I've taken my kids to the Houston Space Center numerous times, and it's always been wonderful.

Now, we get treated to a stupid wooden shuttle. It's unbelievable, man. There are still lots of hard feelings about this in Houston. Why they chose NY over us is just unbelievable!

I mean, it's a 4 hour drive from New York to DC. That could be a field trip. Here in Houston, we have to drive at least 4 hours just to get anywhere, and it's about an 8 hour drive to the nearest national park of any worth. But now we're something like 20+ driving hours away from the nearest shuttle.

Tom M

Fantastic idea, and what a gread "Dad" thing to do! Kids today need to inspired, and to learn not just about how awesome our accomplishments have been but how much more we have to achieve! How much more THEY CAN achieve! It's exciting. :)

Great post, Christian

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