I downloaded Containment (Kindle for iPhone) and am thoroughly enjoying. Enough that I'm here, finding your website and to see what else all you've written.

Tabitha Jones

Wow! just wow! I am a voracious reader and devoured your works as per usual. I must say though, I thoroughly enjoyed your material and subject matter! It's so relevent and prophetic. Thank you and please write more asap!



I sincerely hope that there will be a continuation to this book! Really enjoyed it.


I found this book on Amazon and read it on my Kindle iPhone app. I really enjoyed it and have now chosen to use this as my July Book Club book, thus sharing it with others.

Obviously, I liked it enough to check out your website. Your imagination and technical insight intrigued me and I'm going to read your other works as well.


Just finished reading 'Containment' (downloaded from Amazon for my Kindle) and thoroughly enjoyed it but was left wishing there was more! Only suggestions would be to a) write more of the same! and b) maybe look at getting someone to draw a kindle friendly front cover that has some sort of picture because its a bit bland at the moment with just the title!

Thanks and keep writing!
-Nicole (Brisbane, Australia)


Great story. When's the sequel coming out?


Bravo buddy. This was legit. Knds of like Enders Game meets Snow Crash. Bravo


Hey, man. Great book. I'm almost through it now. I'm excited to read more. Smart marketing on the digital formats!


I really liked it! Great writing from the beginning to the end. I loved the hints and sudden moments of surprise.

Cliff Hall

Wow! I just finished reading Containment after zipping through all the other shorts (except this new one Epoch Index).

For someone who writes for just for fun in his spare time, your stuff is on par with the best sci-fi out there. Too bad to hear you've concluded that there's no money in it, but major props to you for doing it anyway, doing it well and giving it away. A labor of love, to be sure.

It's good to hear that you'll be getting back into a longer work next time; I vote for that. The short stories are really fun, but Containment was a solid novel. Unfolds well, has great plot twists and more fantastic ideas than you can shake a stick at. Plus, a believable protagonist who can code! :)


Sharon Stewart

I was up most of last night finishing Containment. It would make
a great movie! Your technical descriptions were easily read and
surprisingly interesting. You made it believable. Loved it! I want
more, please.

Witcher, C.

This book was incredible. As a high school physics and math teacher I am working on incorporating portions of this text into my curriculum as a way of melding science and creative writing. Amazing.

Craig Parker

Sadly, just closed the kindle file of containment. Thank you for creating such a fantastic world that has drawn me back every spare moment over the last couple of days. A perfect journey told with immaculate restraint. I'm now heading back to amazon to find more of your work. Thank you again!


containment was great (although i did cringe a little at the oxygen solution derived within days). will there be a sequel?


I found the story engrossing although the minutiae of technical details at times overwhelmed it. However, I felt cheated.
I did not understand several things:
1 - What was Arick expecting Cam, Cadie, and Zaire to find? Arick was almost killed when the creatures attacked him. They would have been completely unprepared for this.
2 - What was everybody at the end looking at? His plantings had grown so much that were covering everything? Did he die? Why didn't he go for help for the radiation poisoning to the place indicated in the recorded message?

I felt that there was too much left unexplained and kept looking for the next page in my Kindle.

I hope that there will be a sequel to fill the gaps.


Hey Man,

I read your book 'Containment' and really liked it. Stayed awake reading till 4:00am, and had to wake up again at 6:30am to go to work!

Hope you will write and publish a sequel to 'Containment'. I'm going to read one of your other books really liked it! Cheers and Good work. You're a true artist giving quality!

Sroda Bedarida

I'm really enjoying Containment, technical details and all. Even before finishing it I was looking for a sequel, which is how I found your website. Hope there will be one.

Great job and thanks for the reasonably priced Kindle version.


So, I just finished your book and came upon this website searching for a sequel. What happens?! What's left out there in the world? Where do those other two guys live? What economy is left for them to be paid well? Please write a sequel!

Michelle Johnson

Just finished Containment...loved it! I tried to find your name to see if there was a sequel to this book.

Rudy Begonia

Has the book been picked up by any producers?

It will if it hasn't.


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